The Visual Chronicles of Alex Frings

I’m a photographer and cinematographer located in Byron Bay, Australia. I like photographing & filming all things beautiful… especially in and around the ocean.

If you would like to purchase prints, license any of my photographs or video, say hello or ask me a question, please contact me here or via email: alex@alexfrings.com.

A selected range of artworks can be purchased as acrylic face mounts, white wooden shadow box frame, acrylic art blocks and rolled prints. Click here to browse artworks.

Binding Elements

Sometimes life comes together in an unexpected way.
Sometimes the air is bursting with chances to let go and leave behind.
Sometimes unfinished and open circles round their corners and head to their closure.
Sometimes we don’t get what we need, we get what is needed.
Sometimes we are awake enough to see what is all around us and capture it for the times when we will inevitably forget.

— Melissa Rising


Morning Glory

Lucky Number 3

Morning Dance

Mullumbimby Storm

New Resin Blocks

I’ve spent some time perfecting these beauties over the last year and I’m finally very very happy with the outcome. This is the first resin block of a new series available for sale. Winter Waves of Byron, 200x130mm on rose wood, $88.00 + shipping. Email me on alex@alexfrings.com to secure it. I’ll be posting heaps more over the next few weeks so stay tuned.

The Storm Print


Last Light

The Happiness Machine

I know it’s been quite on here the last few weeks but I haven’t really felt inspired to get in the water, until today. Tasty waves with good mates all day long… a winter’s day to remember. Johnny Abegg inside the happiness machine.

It’s cold.

But the anticipation of what may lie behind those trees keeps us going.

Rainbow Protection Shield.

Mt Warning Base Camp

Soul Slide

Josie Prendergast sliding into the last wave of the day at the end of day 4 of our McTavish shoot.


As the sun sets a big day of shooting for McTavish Surf comes to an end. #mctavish #byronbay #stefanjose #alexfringsphoto

Back Home.

Mentawai Sunset

The girls at Togat Nusa coming back from another dreamy sunset surf.

What dreams are made of.


Still troppo, still skunking.