New handcrafted artworks

It’s been a while.

I have been absent, I know. What a bloody old mess.
Not sure where to start or what to say.
This is no way of treating you.
The Pinnacle of abandonment.
I do not expect you to still be here.

If you are… l e t  m e  k n o w.


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New Resin Blocks

I’ve spent some time perfecting these beauties over the last year and I’m finally very very happy with the outcome. This is the first resin block of a new series available for sale. Winter Waves of Byron, 200x130mm on rose wood, $88.00 + shipping. Email me on to secure it. I’ll be posting heaps more over the next few weeks so stay tuned.

Shadow Box Frame

This beauty was ordered by a lady as an anniversary present for her husband to hang in his Byron based design studio. Makes extended desk time a lot more bearable when the surf is pumping. “Mind Surf” print in shadow box frame 1000x667mm.

Thank You.

I am so grateful to create colourful feel good vibes for other people’s homes. Another print in the post. Thank you everyone. :)

“Waves of Byron” Resin Blocks

I am very pleased to introduce you to my latest creation. The first piece of a series of resin blocks called “Waves of Byron”. It’s the largest and most polished version yet. Hand selected timber, multiple stains and sanded back in 300mm x 200mm. A classic winter wave somewhere along the open beaches of Byron Bay. To buy this one of a kind resin block please email: – Price $222.00 + Shipping. SOLD Thank you!

One Session South

Last weekend, in anticipation of an overdue swell event, we spontaneously decided to leave the safety and somewhat known perimeters of the beaches we call home. Our destination greeted us with tropical and playful conditions. A morning of fun.

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New series of Resin Art Blocks coming up.

Woohoo! More prints rolling off the Epson wonder machine for a new and upcoming series of Resin Blocks. Two themes of 4 images ea. called “Waves of Byron” and “Ocean Dream Time”. These will be one of a kind, fully hand selected and hand made. The process of making these is so exciting, I can’t wait to share it with you. Also big thanks to everyone who supported the last series of resin art, which completely sold out! It means a lot to me!

Larger than life.

This 1300 x 870 print on Lustre is on its way to the UK. That’s how you get barrelled in your living room. Thank you Mike, enjoy!

Resin Art Blocks

So stoked with how my resin blocks are turning out! The process is fun and perfecting them is an interesting journey, now that I have; they are for sale at Ho’okupu Surf in town. I’ll be hitting the workshop soon to produce some more, so when these first generation babies sell out there’ll be more behind them.

Domestic & overseas shipping can be arranged as well. For more info and orders please contact me here

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Private Photo Sessions Available Now!

I am now available for private photo sessions in and around the ocean! For more information click here.

SLIDE Magazine – Alex Frings Portfolio

While it always feels good to see your photographs in a magazine, a 16 page portfolio in SLIDE Magazine is something very special. Very stoked! Thanks SLIDE.

In case you haven’t seen it, click through to see every page of it.

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Byron Surf Shorts Comp

I’m so pleased to tell you that my little film €å®L¥ is amongst the top 5 finalists of the Byron Bay Surf Festival “Surf Shorts” comp. Come watch it with me on the big screen at the Byron Bay Community Centre on Saturday night at 6pm. They are also premiering Uncharted Waters – a Wayne Lynch documentary, so the whole thing will be heaps of fun. Tickets sold at the Byron Bay Community Centre.  Hope to see everyone there and thanks for the support!


A few months ago, on the 1st of June to be precise, Johnny Abegg, Dustin Hollick and I embarked on a mini mission for White Horses magazine to document the first day of Winter as experienced through our eyes. A gloomy morning away from the crowds that turned into a magical day of fun and laughter.

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Soli Bailey SW

A shot I took of Soli Bailey in the latest issue of Surfing World. Thanks boys.

Lunch Break Diaries

Generally I don’t shoot much from land or in the middle of the day… especially not both at the same time, yuck! But last week when I got a text from Wispy, who was just about to take his new Bob McTavish 80’s thruster for a spin, I felt so in tune with the elements that I didn’t worry about where I was shooting from or what time it was.

I’d been on a roll for days. You know, the feeling when you’re always in the right place at the right time, always meeting the right people, everything you touch turns to gold and unfolds magically right in front you… Yeah that! It’s what most people, including myself, don’t experience often enough. It comes from a place of no resistance, when you’re thoughts and feelings are perfectly in sync with who you really are.

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One Ocean International

Recently I had the privilege to do a one on one Surf Survival Course with Joe Knight from One Ocean International. Joe is a legend, an all round waterman. He’s a professional freediver, offshore survival trainer, surfer, paramedic and the list goes on. But most importantly he is a good bloke, patient, good teacher and motivator.

As a water photographer and surfer I have spent quite some time in the ocean throughout the last decade. I considered myself a good swimmer and a semi-fit person. Most of the time I felt comfortable out in the elements, maybe a little bit to comfortable at times… until that one day, when the ocean showed me how quickly you can lose control. The result; a near drowning experience in Bali. The first wave of the set sucked the water off the reef, detonated on top of me and the rest is history.

From that day on I had never fully regained my confidence in big surf. Until I met Joe that is.

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Boiling Waters

These photographs are a recap of the last few days of the swell around Byron Bay. The surf’s been pumping, the water’s cleared up and autumn keeps busting out the colourful presentations of sunrise and sunset.

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Sam’s Spring Sessions 2012

Teaming up with a surfer you have never shot before to create a bunch of new images for your portfolio is extremely exciting! Undertaking a mission like this at the start of spring has proofed to be rather challenging. While weather and water are getting more inviting, the waves are at an all-year low. Chasing big barrels at home; impossible. The magical light however, almost a constant.

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White Horses

Stoked to have one of my photos featured in the latest issue of White Horses. They even sent me a copy, thanks guys! The photo is part of an article by Nick Lawrence on Australian lighthouses.

It’s the prettiest mag of ’em all, so be sure to check it out.

The Art of Surfboards

Paul McNeil from ArtPark and I did a fun photo shoot a couple of weeks back for GLIDE magazine, Japan. They are running an article on his board art in the latest issue. It’s in Japanese and google translate doesn’t work for print. But hey, check out the photos!

RECAP: September 2012

The month of September. Spring has fully kicked in. Long forgotten the last pounding winter swell, it’s back to northerlies and small fun sized waves. On the upside, the sand is coming back, the water is getting warmer and the days are getting longer. Change. Contrast. Balance. Seasons… whatever you want to call it. Without light, shadow couldn’t exist.

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No expectations

Average surf and high expectations don’t match very well. When the waves are rather disappointing and you decide to head out anyway, it’s because being in the ocean when the sun comes up behind the horizon rarely disappoints. Today was one of those days… Just you and a handful of friendly faces from the neighbourhood. Beauty.

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Exploration South

Just a few weeks ago, shortly before an arriving swell, I got a call from Nick Colbey inviting me to join him on a 3 day adventure south of Sydney. Tickets were booked instantly and not even 24 hours later I found myself sitting on a plane, excited to explore a region I had never been before.

Air temperature around 3° centigrade, freezing cold water, gnarly reefs, rock ledges and long hikes made for an awesome experience. It also made me realise how mellow and easy Byron Bay is. Down there not so much. The rewards on the other hand… HUGE. Countless first class breaks all to yourself.

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Ok, it’s been a long time coming but now it’s finally happened. Patagonia is using one of my shots of Johnny Abegg in their latest ad in the “50 YEAR ANNIVERSARY EDITION” of SURFING WORLD. And, if that wasn’t cool enough already… they have placed it on the back cover! Stoked! Thanks Patagonia… thanks Johnny! Yeew