Last Light

Semi glassy conditions.

No Place Like Home

Waves, at last.

Offshore winds and clean waves have finally returned. I felt nervous this morning… it’s been that long. Main Beach lookout.

Fesh lines

Dreamy Morning

Main Beach Drama

Ocean Walls

Season Starts Now.

Byron Bay Main Beach lighting up for the first time in a while, ushering us into a new season of oceanic movement.

Last Light Peak

Byron Lighting Up

The Rocks

Julian Rocks. The Arakwal People of Byron Bay call this group of small islets out in the Bay “Nguthungulli” meaning; Father of the World.

Mind Surf This

Playing with round things.

Some mornings it’s that simple.

Bottle Green

The simple things in life.

Rainbow Rider

Drops in the Sea

Sam Byron Bay

Sam Johnson releasing the fins. A flawless morning, far far away…

Faded Memories

Until next year winter wonderland…

Thursday morning emptiness

Wallpaper: Winter Wreck

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Last barrel of the day