Morning Glory

Morning Dance


Last Light

The Happiness Machine

I know it’s been quite on here the last few weeks but I haven’t really felt inspired to get in the water, until today. Tasty waves with good mates all day long… a winter’s day to remember. Johnny Abegg inside the happiness machine.

Soul Slide

Josie Prendergast sliding into the last wave of the day at the end of day 4 of our McTavish shoot.


As the sun sets a big day of shooting for McTavish Surf comes to an end. #mctavish #byronbay #stefanjose #alexfringsphoto

Mentawai Sunset

The girls at Togat Nusa coming back from another dreamy sunset surf.

Fresh Angles

Morning of the Curves.

No Place Like Home

Spacecraft Slides

Spacecraft slides at Wategos last night. Beam me up!

Square Shaped

Reef Bomb

A bomb about to detonate on the reef with @domlord somewhere below sea level inside of it. Fun sesh early this morning with the lads.

Big Slabowski

Waves, at last.

Offshore winds and clean waves have finally returned. I felt nervous this morning… it’s been that long. Main Beach lookout.

Luking it up on a gloomy morning

Colourful Water Displacement

Fresh feet in between sets


Garret Parkes laying one down yesterday arvo, making the most of a highly overrated, but well needed wind swell.

Torren & Tracks

Torren Martyn getting shacked one fine morning somewhere in Byron Bay as seen in the current issue of TRACKS mag. Cheers boys.

Ocean Walls

Behind Closed Eyes

Brickson Time Tunnels